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Your road to optimal health begins here.

We are delighted to welcome you to our wellness community.

By choosing us, you gain access to comprehensive wellness solutions from the comfort of your own home. Our esteemed Chief Homeopathic Consultant is Dr. Rajeev O., M.D, BHMS, boasting a decade of experience in the field. He is a licensed homeopathic practitioner with an advanced degree after his rigorous medical training that spans five years.

Dr. Rajeev O. has garnered a reputation for his remarkable success in treating a wide range of chronic diseases, including infertility, allergies, kidney stones, renal diseases, migraines, recurring pediatric infections, and hemorrhoids. Our track record also includes outstanding results in significantly improving or completely resolving symptoms in conditions such as arthritis, neuro-developmental disorders like Autism, ADD, ADHD, as well as various mental health ailments.

As for Dr. Deepthy Narayana, M.D, our founder, she graduated with an M.D. in western medicine in 2019. Her transformative journey into alternative and complementary medicine was inspired by witnessing remarkable healing experiences with homeopathy within her own child, family and among acquaintances. Dr. Narayana is currently a student at the prestigious International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, led by the eminent physician, Dr. George Vithoulkas.

We also have services of a Registered Dietitian Athira Narayana R.D. for modifying diet to ensure that body is amply supported in its healing journey. 

With this dedicated and experienced team at your service, you can embark on a path to holistic wellness that encompasses the best of both traditional and complementary medicine approaches.

Fragile Pampas

Our Salient Features


Root Cause Medicine

Western medicine frequently focuses intently on addressing the presented symptoms, often offering solutions such as antacids for heartburn, laxatives for constipation, or painkillers, to name a few. These treatments primarily tackle the outward manifestations of illness without affording the time or opportunity to delve into the underlying root causes. Many health issues can be intricately connected to deeper origins. For instance, a case of amenorrhea might find its origins in childhood trauma, while an ulcer may be a manifestation of suppressed anger or an abusive relationship. Until these root causes are addressed, they may continue to manifest in various ways within the body. Our approach, guided by comprehensive case-taking and repertorization, prioritizes the identification and treatment of these root causes, recognizing that this is often the critical path to true healing.


Individualized Medicine

Individualized medicine in homeopathy respects the uniqueness of each person, acknowledging that what works for one individual may not work for another with seemingly similar symptoms. It is a patient-centered and holistic approach to healing that aligns with the principle of "treating the person, not the disease."

Based on the assessment and symptom matching, the homeopath prescribes a specific homeopathic remedy at an individualized potency and dosage for the patient. The remedy is chosen to stimulate the body's vital force or innate healing ability.As the patient's symptoms change or improve, the homeopath may adjust the remedy or dosage accordingly. This ongoing assessment and fine-tuning are essential for effective individualized care.


Extended Case taking

The typical duration of a physician's visit averages around 17 minutes. However, our approach is markedly different. During our initial visit, we dedicate a generous 90 to 120 minutes to thoroughly understand your case, a duration that can vary based on the complexity of your situation. This extended and in-depth case taking is integral to our process, as it enables us to uncover and address the root causes of your health concerns. 


Extended Access to your Doctor

We take pride in providing you with unfettered access to our physicians at no additional cost between your treatments. Should you experience new symptoms or a deterioration of existing ones, we are here to offer guidance and recommend the most suitable course of action. We firmly believe that our patients and their families deserve the utmost level of support, and we dedicate ourselves tirelessly to uphold these standards. When you opt to collaborate with our team, rest assured that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence in your healthcare journey.

Our Clients Say

Boy Checking his Phone_edited.png
"We started homeopathic therapy to assist our 12 year old son with Autism displaying many challenges- lack of social appropriateness, diminished eye contact, communication limitations and impulse control issues. We are pleasantly surprised that since the start of therapy his social skills have immensely improved, he acknowledges and interacts with others, his explosive episodes in school has decreased to almost none. He is better emotionally regulated, follows directions and is able to focus much more than before. We are very satisfied and continuing therapy excited about what future has to offer. "
The K family
(stock image used to protect patient privacy)
The K family
(stock image used to protect patient privacy)


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