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Most importantly, have a couple of minutes BEFORE the first consultation completely free of distractions, be unhurried. Gather your thoughts. Be clear in your mind so that you can talk freely and openly. Homeopathic case taking is very personal and may elicit memories from past that are in a forgotten corner of your mind. It is imperative that you are as honest and open about your life experiences and personal preferences to ensure the success of our treatment. 

Have a reliable internet connection. A place free of distractions from other people, gadgets or loud sounds. We will send you a link to sign in and join a video call. If you have recent lab work done or imaging results it would be helpful to share with us. If the consultation is about behavioral issues or developmental delays please try to share short videos of under a minute that captures the peculiar behaviors.  Please have a list of your current medication list handy as well.

Rest assured, once these preparations are in place, you will have embarked on your journey towards improved health and a better you. Your commitment to these steps ensures that we can work together effectively to support your well-being.



We offer a range of options to cater to your specific needs, categorized as Acute or Chronic. We request Acute to be chosen only by those in areas where they have access to homeopathic remedies, if they do not reside in the Orlando area. Acute symptoms change pretty rapidly and, as per homeopathic principles, so does the remedy. 

 If you are considering a longer-term commitment to working with us, we offer discounted pricing plans that result in a lower cost per consultation when you purchase multiple sessions in advance. These pricing plans come in both Individual and Family options, providing flexibility and enhanced value to suit your unique situation.

Once you have decided on the plan that aligns with your preferences, you can select a convenient day and time for your consultation and proceed with your payment. We will get in touch with you, providing further instructions.


To make the process even more accessible, we offer a complimentary 10-minute free call. This allows you to engage with one of our team members to ensure that your specific health or mental health condition is something we can effectively assist you in healing. We are here to support you on your journey towards better health and well-being.


Considering the unique nature of the treatment modalities we provide and the existing dominance of insurance-driven healthcare, we are presently only able to accommodate self-paying patients. As a part of our commitment to offering convenient payment options, we currently accept electronic payments via Zelle and PayPal, in addition to cash.

In exceptional circumstances where Zelle and PayPal may not be suitable options for you, we are open to considering Venmo as an alternative payment method.

We acknowledge that not everyone can afford the self- pay options. If you or your family member is in need, we will work with you to accommodate your financial situation by paying in installments, to not delay your wellness journey.


PS: We also express our gratitude for referrals with discounts to both parties involved!

Our primary goal is to ensure that access to our services is as smooth and convenient as possible, and we are willing to explore flexible solutions to meet your individual needs.

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