Helpful Resources

The resources on this page can be used to help in a time of life or business need. I have listed mental health services as well as the brands that I work with directly. Please reach out to me if I can add anything specific to this page to further help you out!

Wellness Resources

National Suicide
Prevention Hotline


LGBTQ+ Domestic
Violence Hotline


Women Breaking Free
Domestic Abuse Hotline


Business Resources

Tiffany Amaro
aka The Mad Fanny

Online Business Mentor

“Tiffany is the official business coach for EGW. Her Cake Queen program has been life changing for me. I want to show total admiration for her and everything she has done for my businesses. Seriously speaking, without her I don’t know how I could have gotten this far with design work, business building knowledge, and just having a great supportive coach that is professional, as well as reliable. “

William Lenard Walker Jr.
aka Sayazake

Graphic Design

“William is an artist, plain and simple. He has offered his support, friendship, and skills to help edit the wording in my website and bring constructive artistic view points. “

Jashaira Torres


The beautiful pictures you see before you have been taken by the beautiful Jashaira Torres. She understands the vision, is knowledgeable of locations that can fit what you’re looking for, and super quick on edits and respondence.