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THE Witch

Welcome to Earth Goddess Wellness! A witch is a healer with cool tools. They can use everything from crystals, herbs, candles to singing bowls, feathers, and pendulums. Woman or man, we are all named witch. That’s neither here nor there, I am here to introduce you to this witch goddess speaking directly to all you out there through this massive magic called technology. I was born witch and came into my power at the young age of the Harry Potter era when I was in middle school. Even before then though I loved movies like The Craft, Practical Magic, and Hocus Pocus. I’d sing Nightmare Before Christmas all through the holiday season and be so into the store Hot Topic. That is the superficial turn of of events but when does one really know when they are different from the rest? How does a girl know when she is born witch? No, it isn’t when we can fly on a broom or love a black cat. No, it was when something bigger than myself called to me. It was when a handsome man with stag antlers came to me in dreams and I started relating to goddesses like Artemis more so than any other religion I came across or was raised to be.

I remember when I was young, my dad would take me to Borders Bookstore in White Plains, NY. It was at the time next to Toys R’ Us, so I mean it was perfect, To buy a book or play with a toy, THAT was indeed the question! I chose the book each and every single time. I started naturally gravitating towards the disgustingly called “New Age” section. What the hell is that about? The oldest form of spirituality being called “new?” As an adult witch now with some sense I hate this concept but as a young pre-teen I was mesmerized. I would see books on herbs, astrology, candles, and then just like the movie I loved, I saw it, The Craft! Luckily for me, my dad being somewhat irresponsible to my benefit, he would give me the money and tell me spend as much time as I needed and go get any one book I wanted. He’d stay in the car and either pass out or listen to sports on the radio. Cool, Dad! Thanks! So I was able to purchase such a book without my dad giving me serious side eye. So of course I got this book, that I couldn’t practice or try at all because I’d be terrified about what my parents would think if they saw me witchify my bedroom and plus, little chick had no job of course so how the hell was I going to buy these things anyway. So a book went wasted on the shelf for years.

Thanks to my aunt though who put me onto Harry Potter, that was a great book to purchase and read. I was fascinated from the second Harry received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

Other things came into play through my teenage years. I fell madly in love with the music of Stevie Nicks. I could read Homer’s books over and over again. Dante’s Inferno to this day is a top five favorite book of mine, even loved the video game. All through my adolescence the goddess made sure I had slight forms of inspiration and I never got rid of The Craft. So here we go flash forward to living in Brooklyn with my husband, now ex-husband. I was 23. After years of being lost I decided to look up my own stores that represented Diagon Alley. Enchantments in the East Village here I come! I’ll never forget it. I walked in terrified, not knowing what to expect. I knew witches weren’t evil like most religions portrayed them to be and yet I also was like, crap what if I am not all that magical like I feel I am? Can they pick up on that? It was the coolest place I ever went to. Cats welcoming you, herbs everywhere, candle designers in the back, and so many tools.

Long story short, this is where my confirmation as a witch began. After asking and building a connection I got into joining my first coven. I would travel almost ninety minutes to get to them and start my year and a day lessons. It was the best year of my life. I was home! Home with my goddesses and gods, working on my magic, and slowly starting to come out of the broom closet. Apparently thanks to my bookworm self, throughout the years before coven I developed some decent knowledge of witchcraft by reading some occult classics. Some of it was also propaganda bullshit, but I didn’t know any better at the time.

What was happening most importantly though, my powers started to grow. Only really witches know what I mean when I say powers. We aren’t referring to what Hollywood shows as magic. No, let’s be realistic here. Most people call these powers by other names. Some call it The Law of Attraction, burning paper in a flame to let something go, sage to dispel negative energy, or wear this crystal to help you meditate. I mean the list goes on honestly. Different cultures all over the world have used ritual magic and it has just been passed down through the generations by witches who weren’t murdered during years and years of hate. I am not referring to just one part of the world either, I am talking about every single continent.

Anyways...let’s move on....

So why Earth Goddess Wellness? Why this blog right now? I have been a healer since I was seven years old caring for a sick father and I went forward into making it a career since I was seventeen years old attending massage school. Over the years I had developed special skills when it came to learning herbs, essential oils, candles, oracle cards, crystals, and more. We are living in a world where people need real healing. They need to reconnect with their body. I am here to help those open to what it means to live to be the true goddess and god that is within all of us. I myself go through healing on a daily basis. Just because I am a witch doesn’t mean I don’t go through my own shit. Here I will discuss challenges, recipes, magic, and more. I am the priestess, Canela. The cinnamon witch. Goddess of the moon, justice, sexuality, emotions, and wolf energy. The keeper of the dark and the light. Enter my safe space where you can learn how to heal yourself. Perhaps tap into things you have never felt before. I invite you to stay open minded, refrain from insults, and be aware that this is a place for healing and love.