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Tears under the Full Moon

Then she peaked her moon beams down on all the witches, cleansed and blessed them for yet another cycle. Prepared them for the highs and lows, the light and the dark, the beginnings and endings. For it is true that we all go through cycles and man, when I tell you I released some tension over the weekend, I mean it. However on the other side of it, it brought major breakthrough. It brought love, abundance, forgiveness, growth, and healing. For the moon, the goddess, is almighty.

During my cleanse, I had to acknowledge that my energy would be sensitive and that I would need cleansing on a totally different level. You see the day after Thanksgiving it was always tradition in my family to decorate for Christmas. In our house we had everything from little towns, a big full tree, stockings, Santa and Rudolph everywhere. We had Christmas plates with matching table cloth and my dad would decorate outside. It was such a beautiful scene. However once he got sick and my parents ended up divorcing, it wasn’t ever the same. We ended up having smaller Christmas celebrations. Now don’t get me wrong they are always special and these things, other things were materialistic anyway. Plus I no longer follow the Catholic Church and I am Wiccan so for me, once I became an adult, it was about decorating for Yule. For MY Sabbat! Even though Christmas is a pagan holiday and it is still fun to celebrate, I have fully embraced Yule. Otherwise known as the Winter Solstice, on December 21st. So through the years I wanted to really go crazy on decorations like we did when I was a kid but money was always tight and I didn’t really get that cheer like I wanted. This year it was totally different, thankfully. My friend/roommate is a witch in training as I like to call her because she is a witch doing her year and a day. She is all about decorations and for Samhain we went all out so why wouldn’t we do the same for Yule/Christmas? The whole apartment looks amazing from our tree to the town to the fire mantle. We did the decorating during the full moon and once we finished everything, I just had to sit and look at it with total admiration.

I cried, hard. Cried like I haven’t released these tears from my inner child in pretty much twenty years. Even though he is gone and this sort of Christmas didn’t exist for a long time. It seems like all of my favorite traditions were coming to an end. I stopped speaking to my dad’s side of the family for very personal reasons and my mom’s side, well... my abuelos are getting very old and Christmas Eve at their house was the only thing I could hold onto. I got to see my cousins, have a great dinner, open gifts, and laugh. Even those times now seem to come to an end. So where was the Christmas cheer going to come from?

Basically, I sat down with my girl and my fiancée and decided it was time to really start making new traditions. I decided to make Full Moon water under our Christmas lights. I got a tiny little pitcher and put these items in it for certain intentions.

Dried rose petals from the flowers I gathered for Samhain with the new year intentions. Pine needles for the new Yule traditions and new beginnings. Dried rosemary for memories, money, and focus. Frankincense essential oil for connecting to the divine and to my father. Pine and rosemary essential oil to intensify the smell. Eucalyptus essential oil to open up and breathe it all in. Juniper Berry essential oil for sweetness, love, and this time of year. Wintergreen essential oil also to breathe and relax my chest. Doing this did in fact release and open my chest. I cried like the biggest baby. I began a healing process. Between that and the moon sun milk my energies were so active. It rained overnight so even the little adding of rain water reminds me to wash away any sadness. I had to sleep on the couch that evening for a few reasons. The whole weekend was hard to be honest. A lot of growth needed to happen all across the board. I am feeling better now. I am so energized and excited to start new traditions with my loves in my life currently. So what did I do with the moon water? I got a beautiful spray bottle to pour it in. So I will do these come every full moon. I have to go on the search for a fancy, witchy bottle to use.

I’d Iike to leave you all with this for now. Honor your cycles. Appreciate the tears just as much as you appreciate the laughs. Cherish your memories and be inviting to new changes. Don’t lose who you are in the process and love is abundant. Be abundant. Be love. Life can change so quickly, our bodies change, our goals change. We lose people we love and we meet new people almost everyday. We are in a constant cycle of beginnings and endings. Whether the transformation is a small thing that leads to something bigger or a big change that makes us appreciate the little steps we took to achieve it. At the end of the day we are all a part of one thing. We are part of that moon. Witches, blessed be.