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This morning I woke up with a heavy heart. Yesterday was such a good day overall emotionally and today I woke up with so much sadness all because of finances. You see, for many years I have suffered from chronic depression. My triggers were brought on from a few different life changing events. The death of my father plus the years of sickness I had to see him endure. Moving to a new state and then going through a divorce. Now my health as I have gained over twenty pounds in a matter of two months. Shit was building up in me and the depression has gotten pretty severe. How many of us are tired of getting paid and that same day be down to almost no money after responsibilities are met? Majority of the world goes through this and for many of us we feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel. As a witch, this is where I want to slam a plate against the wall and ask myself ...

What good is being a witch when magic to obtain lots of money can’t just fall out of thin air? Why can’t I wave my athame and all my financial problems will disappear? Why can’t I cast a spell and within that very second my dreams will come true? No, no, no, that’s not how magic works. It takes time, manifestation, energy, magic, and patience sometimes for things to happen. Everything is about timing. Right now after Samhain, which is known as Halloween for those non-witches out there, they say it isn’t wise to do magic. That we must rest and wait for the sun to return on Yule. Sometimes it feels like all year round we are waiting for the sun to return. For our light to shine and success just fall into our laps. When I think about what my goals are and how to focus on what is important based on priority one to a thousand, I’d have to narrow it down to my health, my finances, my career, and self worth. I must do magic to heal, to gain confidence, to work on my career, and to fix my finances. So how do I do magic to make these things happen?

Let’s talk about a daily routine to keep the dedication and the vibration high:

1. Give thanks to the goddess and god by either saying it, perhaps lighting incense, or sharing my breakfast meal with them. When I am off from work I actually like to sit and reflect in my Book of Shadows about whatever comes to mind.

2. Sex, yes, morning sex if possible in any regard is excellent to raise magic and start envisioning what I want. If morning sex doesn’t work, than any time of the day that could work for me I make sure to get it in. Whether it is with my partner or with myself.

3. Essential oils is a must! On Sabbath Saturdays, my magical partner and I will pull cards for the week and usually when I pull a spell card it gives me some kind of clue what I will need for the week ahead. This week rosemary and lime seem to be where I am energetically needing zest and focus. Seems accurate, especially for today given the circumstances. So before I even continue writing let me go sprinkle myself with these beautiful oils... Side note once I am done, when I feel that little sting from the rosemary in my eyes I know that it is working it’s magic.

4. Breakfast usually consists of something green. Green juice or smoothie, I might do tea some mornings, and on days off I go crazy on a big pancake and eggs breakfast. Keeping in mind green, green, green. Green for health, for the heart chakra, for money. This is just such a great way to use color to inspire the magic and energy of the day.

Now let’s skip all the usual stuff that can happen in the day. This can include morning traffic, work, phone calls, emails, etc. Let’s stick with the usual magical steps taken.

5. Usually have conversations throughout the day with someone in my close circles that is witch or magical. Majority of the time this involves my magical partner and wolf brother. Sometimes it will be other coven members or just friends that are so beautifully gifted at keeping up high energy. Listen people, you need good folks in your life and witches reading this, find yourself your twin flame, kindred spirit. It is so important!

6. Reflect back on my cards and watch out for synchronicities. Otherwise known as symbols, signs, coincidences. It is going to happen, especially when us witches are so in tune to it.

7. Once I am home and grounding down, a ritual bath with candles, incense, oils, and herbs could occur or if I am too tired, guess what? Just lighting candles and laying my ass down to watch a show or movie will work just as well. It is called “replenishing energy.” Yes, witches be tired too! On energetic evenings I’ll be creative, cook, maybe have more sex, dance, or do a ritual in my space.

Now this is my usual routine. Other witches I know or magical beings do other things of course. Personally I work on making sure I do something in my day that pertains to achieving my goals. So you are all probably wondering at this point, what are my goals? Ah, a witch must not tell for it dilutes the magic. Just know that I got this and the less you express your most important values the stronger the magic is. Someone doesn’t have to be a witch in order for them to use energy against you. Jealousy, greed, pride, and hate are very real and some of the strongest forms of energy. Living down here int he South now I have even come to see that things that should sound positive actually has a totally different meaning. For anyone who has been told “oh dear bless your heart.” Yeah, fair warning they aren’t always blessing your heart. They are most likely calling you stupid. I will say this though, just me being here wanting to write and build community with whoever needs these written words to inspire them, I am glad I am stepping into my power and magic to make things happen for both of us. I will also share with you what is to come. Thanksgiving is this week and your girl is making sure post Thanksgiving that I will be cleansing, exercising, and preparing for Yule. I am actually going back home to New York for Yule season and I am so excited, My familiar Mama ShiShiMu (regular dog name is Gracie) will be coming with me and I am so excited for her to be traveling. Anywhoo, come post Thanksgiving I plan on doing a thirty day Sun Moon Golden Milk challenge for myself. Many people know this as golden milk since it has gone mainstream. So basically you make fresh dairy free milk and you combine spices for the sun and herbs for the moon in this mix and drink it for a few different reasons. First is to obtain power from the sun and the moon, male female dualities. Second to heal the yin,dark and yang/light sides of us. Third to detox the major organs and organ systems. Fourth to enjoy making a potion, I mean come on. Potions class at Hogwarts and Herbology would have been my total A+ classes, I’m just saying. So what will mine consist of?

* dairy free milk from either nuts, oats, hemp, or coconut

* Turmeric powder

* Cinnamon powder

* Clove powder

* Nutmeg powder

* Cardamom powder

* Ashwaganda herbal tincture

* Holy basil herbal tincture

* Maca powder

* Black pepper

* Raw, local, honey

I know a lot of you are probably like, WTF? I will further explain during those thirty days the magical and nutritional benefits of all these things and then before we know it, we shall all be discussing our experiences. So this Friday everyone, let’s milk it.

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