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My Three Favorite Crystals

Drum roll please...

* imagine a tiny woman banging a Cuban drum*

Smokey Quartz! Snakeskin Agate! Septarian!


There ya have it folks, Canela's three favorite crystals. Over the years I have become extremely obsessed with crystals. It's hard for me to step into a metaphysical shop and not be tempted to walk out with a new piece of nature. Don't we have at least one or two stores that are so deadly to our wallets? That we just want to buy everything we see, including things we didn't even really need? I hope after reading this entry that my readers can connect with crystals and allow them to help transform my readers lives.

So let's talk about my first love, Smokey Quartz.

Before even reading up on it I always just loved the black, gray, and white coloring. I always felt like I was embracing positivity and releasing negativity with it. I get a strong feeling of protection with it too. Some of my best ideas and visions of my dreams came from smokey quartz. Almost like it brought me to another planet. I bought my first SQ at the Belmont Pagan Festival here in North Carolina. When I picked it up I immediately felt the energy go up my arm and my energy revitalized.

Side note* for my readers, not all crystal's will speak to you. It is really important that you feel your stone and see if it radiates with you. I am not for buying crystal's online personally. Feel the temperature, the texture, see the coloring, and feel the vibes. That to me is how you determine which crystal is for you!

So back to SQ ...

Quartz in general are mostly for cleansing the spirit and energy. It is wonderful for uncrossing and clarity. Black stones will soak up negativity, repel the evil eye, and protect you from harm. This stone to me really represents balance. The light and the darkness, our up's and our down's Life is like a flower, we are always blooming and retreating. We embrace the sunlight and rejuvenate in the darkness. We are going back and forth between yin and yang. Everywhere we turn in life there is black and white. In this sense though, as much as some cultures believe differently spiritually, black color in stones, candles, clothing is so powerful. We needed a power that can soak up the negative shit in the world. It also highlights and bring power to all other colors. Think about it? Let's take MAC cosmetics, ever notice those artists wear all black so that way the make up on their face pops out? If they wear a bright red lipstick or do a great blue eye shadow, it gets to stand out. That's the power of black. It will rid yourself of the harmful emotions and let the light in us shine brightly. One of my favorite example too are the white, blue, and red stars in the sky are shown best when the night time is dark. I hope I gave you all enough examples here. So the fact that the crystal is smokey, it shows us that even individually we have light moments, dark moments, and even come in between gray areas of confusion and uncertainty. That's why this crystal is so great for uncrossing and getting back into a better direction.

My second love now goes back to Namaste Book Shop in NYC. The heaviest and biggest crystal I have, my Snakeskin Agate.

Way before I knew about Kundalini. Way before I realized the real power of snake medicine. I always loved cobra's. I always loved snakes truthfully before I knew their power as I have mentioned. No, I am not talking about how society views snakes as "evil." I am talking it being thee animal for medicine, healing, and transformation. I remember picking up this stone and I got this rush of heat up my spine. I suddenly got aroused and I felt like I wanted to go run the whole Manhattan island. People it was real! My ex-husband at the time would always want me to have it on our bed when ever we wanted to be intimate because the sex was just on a different level. My Kundalini snake is a beautiful red, golden cobra with jade green eyes named Willow. That's what I see when ever I hold the stone on my second chakra and meditate. We all have an inner snake you know? Coiled up in our pelvis waiting to take you to new places. If you feel like you have no inspiration or will power, let yourself be loose and care free like the snake. Be fluid and move effortlessly in your day. Agates come in so many forms and colors, but for me this beautiful red, orange, yellow snakeskin tone is just breathtaking

I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that Septarian is my third favorite. The dragon egg, snake egg, it has many names.

I first saw and heard about this stone at LaughingBrook Spellcrafting and Ancestral Arts in Huntersville, North Carolina. It was explained to me that it can help you peel through the layers of your drama and bullshit, so that way you can remember who you are and what is your true desire. Ugh I think we all need that in our lives don't we? Like an onion we have all dealt with traumas and we all have felt like we settled in some aspects of our lives. We forget what's important to us and we get sucked into the bullshit of the world. I'm glad here is a stone out there that can ground me and help me through it. Now the mere fact it is down as a dragon's egg or snake egg? I mean, for me personally I have always resonated with dragons. My Chinese Zodiac sign is a dragon. I have dragons on my alter. I believe highly that my voice is powerful and can breathe fire for inspiration and magic. Plus you also just read my love for snakes, so I mean enough said. As a healer and a long term health coach, healing medicine is my destiny. I first bought a Septarian that was huge and heavy, just like my Snakeskin Agate. That I then had to buy a smaller one because I wanted it wrapped professionally by a third generation witch who lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Here pieces are in the pictures you see here in the blog entry, Stunning aren't they? A true talent who dressed up two of my favorite stones perfectly.

Side note* if you ever need stones wrapped as a bracelet, necklace, ring, meditation beads, etc her business name on Etsy and Facebook is Gypsy Whims. Her name is Beth and she is such a blessing. She can custom order for you if you send her your stones or you can purchase from her fabulous collection.

I truly love my babies, as I call them. I have many more crystal's that I plan on talking about in the near future. I am anxious to hear what are some of your favorites and why?