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December is here and that means more elimination and cleansing. I have three days left of my herbal cleanse and I am continuing with the moon sun milk. As I have written before in October I dropped pork products, November I dropped beef/steak products, and December it is going to be dairy with the exception of just three meals a week with dairy. I do love cheese on my pasta and I do love a caprese salad. I might be able to limit this to just pasta Sundays but I wanted to be as realistic as possible for now. Especially since I am doing this around holiday season and it is a bit challenging I'll admit.

Dairy just causes so much inflammation and creates so much mucus and dampness in the body. My acupuncturists know what I mean when I say dampness. It ages people and plus, unless I can find some good quality raw, organic dairy products, have you seen how poor cows are treated to get their milk? When I lived in New York I was ovo-pescatarian, I would eat seafood, eggs, and vegetables. What ended up happening was that I wouldn't be able to eat seafood every single day, so I ended up being pretty much ovo-vegetarian. I felt great, I had a good weight on me, and I was in excellent shape. I am determined to get back to that here.

I just miss those times when I felt great everyday physically and mentally. I was in a good place, being active, worked hard at doing something I loved, and having enough good times with friends. They say don't reflect on the past and be in the moment and focus on your future. I've accepted the change of no longer doing massage and look to doing something new for the future. So now I am not walking as much, I am driving more. My responsibilities are more expensive and going out as much isn't really possible right now. Plus my close circle of friends is very limited. I want to meet new people that are on the same page as me as far as their spiritual beliefs and healthy lifestyle. I want to have plans again. Look forward to this event, or that dinner, or that movie night without the guilt. When I say guilt I mean because I make just enough money right now to pay my bills, let alone have a social life. Even when I buy a candle I feel badly because I think about what that money could have gone to. That's fucking sad, I am thirty years young and I feel like I am an old crone in her nineties with no life. Just living to get by and pay for our responsibilities. How many of us feel this way? This isn't what we plan when we are teenagers.

By being aware of these changes, asking the universe to help guide us to a better living situation. We have to be on board with treating ourselves differently. We have to be good to ourselves. Give ouselves compliments, listen to positive music, read uplifting books, eat what makes us feel good, and surround ourselves with little things that can bring us joy in our daily lives. As a witch I swear lighting some incense or a candle can just change my mood within seconds. Find your simply joys. If something or someone doesn't bring a fucking smile to your face, then it is time to contemplate if such a thing or person is worth spending your energy on. Joy. Focus on it. Live and be it.