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Love Oils, to enhance the passion

Love Oils, to enhance the passion this Valentine’s Day So I did a poll on what to write about next and the two choices were “ love crystals” or “love essential oils” and the oils took the win! So today I am highlighting three great single oils and one blend I just adore. The blend “Naturally Loveable” from the Now brand. The single oils are cinnamon cassia, bergamot, and rose absolute. There are honestly a bunch more love oils you can use, so at the end I will provide a list of other options.

Let’s begin with the #1 love oil, rose! When we think Valentine’s Day, we think roses and chocolate. Rose essential oil has this wonderful way of getting us in touch with our inner goddess. Many women use it to help heal from different reproductive conditions. I even used it for some issues I had in my past. Rose heals the heart and opens yourself up to love. Roses as we all know have thorns too, so rose oil can be used as a protection oil against those who show envy toward your love life. Rose also helps you see your worth as a real 5 milliliter bottle of rose essential oil can cost hundreds of dollars. This is why most rose oils have a carrier oil in it to dilute the few drops given and be able to fill up a bigger bottle. Don’t worry though , the little bit goes a long way,

To move onto the next oil that focuses more on self love and self acceptance, bergamot. Whether you are single or taken, this oil helps you remember who you are! In relationships, sometimes you forget who you are and get used to who you are as a partner. When single, sometimes the wish is to adapt to what someone else might want instead of focusing on what we want. This oil helps you get real with who you are and what you want to attract. You can be your most authentic self and attract a partner that will love you for who are or let your partner fall more in love with you for the person you are becoming.

Now, S. E. X. I mean, aren’t we all out here needing to get some love on Valentine’s Day? Cinnamon cassia energetically is the oil of sexuality. Careful though, this oil if used directly on the skin can cause irritation. So you do actually want to mix it with a carrier oil. It works out in your favor honestly because during those sexy massages you can give before getting down and dirty, it would make it easier to not waste a whole bottle of cinnamon oil. Cinnamon can also help with creativity in the bedroom. Smell some of it while planning for the big V day and see how you can spice it up for your partner.

So what do you do after this day of love ends? Hope on that blend, Naturally Lovable. I need you to seriously listen to me when I say this, to everyone out there no matter your circumstances... YOU ARE A SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, WORTHY, POWERFUL BEING! You are allowed to live your life romantically daily! You are allowed to embrace your sex appeal! You are allowed to change your style! You are allowed to rock your curves! You are allowed to be your most authentic self every single fucking day of your life! You are allowed to be loved and to be given gifts!

Okie dokie, so if none of these oils are rocking your world, here is a list of what you can use instead for this day of love:

* Vanilla

* Geranium

* Sweet Orange

* Cacao

* Rose Hip

* Rose Water

* Tangerine

* Neroli

Share with me some of your favorite blends and oils to use when it comes to self love and loving others.