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Last New Moon of 2018

So let's take a minute to thank the universe. Yesterday Mercury Retrograde ended and today begins our New Moon. I could go into which sign is in which planet and all that but I really don't want to get into all that. I want to really speak out to you guys about the importance of this moon and what we can do to make 2018 end with a positive bang. For me also it is like perfect timing because my 30 day herbal cleanse ended this morning with my last herbal tablets. My energy, my skin, and digestion above everything has increased and I haven't had one depressive episode. I am beyond grateful and thankful to end this moon cycle on these notes. My moon sun mylk cleanse ends right on the 20th before Yule so again even that is great timing. What little signs have you noticed happened during this time? Think about it and reflect for a second because tonight is the time to start setting some new intentions.

So the general idea of new moons is again about new intentions and goals you want to achieve within the thirty days or continue to put energy towards long term goals that you want. I like to say during new moon's we wear black to look like the moon during this time period. That's me being corny and using color magic though. Wearing black to soak up any negative energy and go into something with new energy. Aside from this though every new moon does have specific things to focus on based on the time period, the zodiac signs, etc. This new moon is really about dropping the illusions and letting go pipe dreams for now and focus on realistic, focused goals. What do you really want and what can you honestly achieve within this time period? There are responsible goals and then there are what I call "dream illusion goals." I'm not saying really incredible things can't happen within thirty days, no. What I am saying is if you say something like I want to lose fifty pounds in thirty days, unless you get surgery right off the bat, this goal isn't going to happen. So don't set yourself up for failure, make it more you will lose five pounds or try hard for ten at least. It is really time to get clear and focus on what is most important for your priorities. Also watch the company you keep, especially around the holidays. The energy you bring in from others can influence what you want for yourself. Make sure your intentions are around your needs and wants, not what other people think you should do. Relationships right now are very compromised because everyone world wide is about trying to figure themselves out and if everyone around them is on the same page. Take caution that fights can come up, discussions of break ups, and the whole "are we going down different paths" ideas may come up. Just drop all influences like that for right now and surrender to just what you want. In the sense of not what you want around your happiness involving other people but more about your career, health, hobbies, changes, etc. Make this time strictly about YOURSELF! I can't get more clear about that.

Do you want to enter this new year with the same energy you had throughout 2018? Have your goals changed? Did you experience more negative or positive feelings during this year? What can you do to be better next year? Are you the same person you were this past January? Whatever your style of expression is, now is the time to reflect. Write, paint, sing, create something tonight towards your intentions for the rest of this month. Let this year end with a bang. It doesn't always have to be a big ordeal either. Your bang can be as serious as this month you got some new pots to experience cooking differently. It can be you started a new hobby. It could be you called your mom daily to improve communication. However it looks for you, just make something big happen.

So what does this look like for me? Simple, I will have candles, a journal, incense, a cup of water or tea, and burn some serious fire energy into the universe. I will see what my goals are and speak to a specific goddess/god that can help me with that intention. Bathe and be cleansed from the days energy before I do it and have no distractions. If I am lucky have no one else in the room with me. All I can say is I want this month to have a couple few very specific things and that's what this moon is all about.

So drop the bullshit people. Stop talking about past mistakes, past lives, past hurts, past choices and get concrete on moving ahead. Who are you going to be right now and moving forward? What will your days be like moving forward? How do you want to feel? What will your schedule look like? You! You! You! Being all about you right now isn't selfish. Think about how often we think about other people and their connection to us. Who are our kids, our partner, our parents, our patients? We think about them and bend around them too on a regular basis. Sometimes you need just you time and to honor that cycle. We are all going to spend time with people regardless during this holiday season so make sure during the alone times or at some point in your day, make it about what you can do for YOU in that moment.

I want to end today with a quote that goes with this time period of surrender and listening to yourself, listening to your soul. I saw this quote on pinterest and thought it was perfect.

"Note to self: you gotta do this for you. This is for you. This isn't about anybody. Live for you. Honor you. Never lose sight of that."

Just to add to this, don't lose sight that you were born to make something really serious happen for yourself that can then inspire the world in some way, shape, or form. Just make sure whatever it is that you are doing or want to start doing, that it is going to fill you up with the utmost joy you could possibly experience.

Blessed be!