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Full Moon and Sun Mylk

Well, who is completely feeling like their own stuffed turkey post Thanksgiving? This year I opted out on eating the grand bird because of a national salmonella outbreak on turkey. There was also recall on ground beef and romaine lettuce? Um marked safe from those issues! Instead I decided along with my fiancée and friend to have a pescatarian meal. Even though I went a healthier route, there was still a lot of dairy, sugar, bad carbs, and lots of drinking. Tonight though I get to look forward to charging some moon water, cleanse and bless not only the apartment but also my body! So I am deciding to do a 30 Day Full Moon and Sun Milk Cleanse! You guys read about this in the last post but let me give you a little more of an idea on what’s happening here. I am using a combination of spices and herbs to cleanse my body and to also balance the sun and moon, male/female energy within my body. Otherwise known as balancing yin/yang. So I am going to drink a cup of this milk everyday either during the sunrise or during the sunset once the moon is out. I figured what a perfect time since it is after the holiday and it is a full moon this evening to do this. Currently I am at work but afterwards I plan on heading home, decorate for Yule, and once the beautiful goddess shows herself this evening get right to making this potion. I’ll be blogging here my experience as well as keeping up with social media on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and maybe...even YouTube. Oh Snap! That is a big maybe by the way because again this witch needs to do all this slowly. One of these days though I look forward to having you wine and dine with me once a week on YouTube as I cook something with you all and sit down and converse on whatever comes to mind. So let’s talk a little bit more about the ingredients I am putting in the milk on a nutritional, holistic healing level.

Let’s start off with the base, coconut milk. Yes until I run out I will be doing coconut milk for the simple benefits of healthy brain and heart function. MCT oil found in coconut oil, which will be in my coconut milk blend, is excellent to help with triglyceride levels, cognitive function, and helps with brain fog, poor memory. Something I feel any overwhelmed woman or man is going through these days. Plus dairy is so inflaming and I am working on cutting it more and more out of my nutrition plan.

*Side note* In October I gave up pork items. November I gave up beef products, or anything made from cows. I look at those beautiful creatures and think to myself, no. I can’t do it anymore. For December I am doing dairy with the exception of 3 meals a week. I will allow 2 pasta dishes with cheese and I love mozzarella cheese in a caprese salad. I love having that salad with my pasta dishes or as a cheat, quick meal to make. Sometimes a girl be too tired to make something big so a simple tomato, mozzarella, basil salad is perfect! None the less, that’s my limit at most. January, no poultry except for 1 meal a week. Since I am having a slight thyroid issue flair up, protein is very much needed to balance myself out I will have chicken at least once a week during times I can’t eat seafood. By February I am working on being full pescatarian. Eggs though, sorry I won’t give those up. I love eggs too much and they are packed with omegas. I consider them an unrecognized superfood truthfully. Top quality always, I get eggs that don’t need to be in the fridge and still have grass on them. That’s how fresh I am talking about. Where the yolk is such a deep orange color just filled with nutrition.

Okay, back to the ingredients, I won’t get into every single benefit, but just a few of the reasons why I am choosing these ingredients.

Ceylon cinnamon powder, the medicinal cinnamon. As the cinnamon witch, this is a must. Totally great to support my heart and cardiovascular system. Also to balance blood sugar levels and increase blood circulation during these colder months.

Clove powder, for the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial benefits. Great to work on harmful bacteria, viruses, and internal fungus or parasites.

Nutmeg powder, so helpful for digestion and helps grow healthy skin. It is also excellent to have good, deep sleep.

Turmeric powder, an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and it is also great to detox the liver. After drinking this much, a good liver detox would be very helpful.

Black Pepper powder, to help absorb the turmeric more and also to help ease addictions to sugar and salt.

Cardamom powder, wonderful natural diuretic to help with water retention, swelling, and recovery during my work outs. Also helps detox the lungs and increase oxygen intake during work outs or if you are like me, living with two smokers.

Ginger powder, for digestion and increase blood circulation. Also for bloating and gas. I mean when you are cleansing, a lot of things happen.

Holy Basil herbal tincture, for adrenal support, adrenal fatigue, balance hormones, water retention, and low back pain.

Ashwagandha herbal tincture, to support the thyroid and the adrenal glands. For stress relief, recovery, and anxiety.

St. John’s Wort herbal tincture, simply because it is nature’s anti-depressant.

Raw, local honey for allergies, digestion, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, low glycemic index, and build up enzymes.

It should taste pretty interesting. I am figuring by the time these thirty days are up it will be right by Yule/Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I can enjoy those days and New Year’s Eve then get right back to cleansing for the new year. As a witch, our new year technically started on Samhain but generally everyone see's new year’s eve as December 31st. So in January a new, big cleanse will happen again. For now though, let’s let the milk do it’s thing,