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Cleansing & Crapping

So let's just say between the thirty day herbal cleanse, along with the two day juice cleanse, the moon sun mylk, and not eating any pork or beef items...

my system is releasing some serious crap!!!!! I know it might seem TMI and all but it's real though. My acne has been off the walls with working on balancing hormones and releasing toxins. My bowel system is very frequent, sweating is real, and I am currently recovering from one hell of a cold. Major organs are being cleansed during this cleanse and also the surrounding people being sick. I totally need to fight off energy, germs, toxins, and who knows what else. After careful observation I am noticing that along with these bad symptoms, I am also receiving some great things like better energy, better sleep, and no depressive episodes. The herbs have been really helpful with the depression I feel like and just eating better has helped tremendously. I knew these things already it's true since being in the field for so long but sometimes you forget yourself in the midst of bullshit that happens in your life.

These are common things that happen while cleansing but let's talk about the energetic healing that happens. You release actual crap and you also learn not to deal with crappy people and their energy. These past few weeks my body is telling me not to deal with certain crap anymore. All my triggers and emotions are coming to the service. I am letting go, forgiving, and healing. That doesn't mean everyone around me though is on the same page and if they aren't in the process of awakening to their healing then when they go through their shit, it bounces off onto me being the open, sensitive vessel. Bad arguments have come up. Seeing people's true nature has come up. Tolerance levels are shifting in different directions. Being shown reality in the presence of a healing source is like the shield for my sword. To attack or to retreat inward to forgiving, understanding, and helping others, what should I do?

You know I am going through a lot of my own shit between my weight gain, my acne, my stress, my emotions, and lots of change. While efforts have been made to make it better, the fact things about people are coming up can't be avoided. True colors start to show. As we cleanse vibrations in our body will either heighten to the positive or lesson if we decide not to learn. Usually I am a peacemaker but what I am seeing with myself is the divine intervention of gaining strength to stick up for myself. I have expressed myself, screamed, yelled, cried all my thoughts and feelings about certain matters. It has helped me feel better and it did bring positive change. So yay for the positive changes but what about the bullshit I am seeing that I am not able to tolerate? To want to stop walking on egg shells and to say no? To let people know that they aren't always right and that they are acting a fool? To stand up and let it be known that what I want matters and to fully cleanse from certain personalities?

Maybe the reason I am so tired from depression and my body is reacting in this way is because not only was it tired of my shit but it is also tired of other peoples bullshit. They might be people I love and when we love people we tend to tolerate a little more from them but what if it is everyday? What happens when the issue is personal? Vibrations clash. Sure it might be easy to post a meme saying "new year, new me, no negativity." That is just plain unrealistic though. You can't avoid everyone and stupid shit happens daily. People have roommates, coworkers, students, that can piss you off on a regular basis. So how do we cleanse from people's crap on a regular basis? How do we keep our vibration up? How do we protect our bodies from all the toxicity? This is why a lot of people just say fuck it and go with the flow. Then there are other people who just deal with it better. For myself, having learned from past mistakes, I choose to want to understand and hear all sides of people's perspective but sometimes the negativity, guilt, shame, anger, grudges, judgement, are so overwhelming with certain people I have to step back and avoid them. Easier said than done, I know. Especially when those people are loved ones possibly or people you have to be surrounded by on a regular basis.

There is no direct answer to this except to constantly cleanse yourself and your energy. Whether that is through smudging, meditation, incense, bathing, juicing, journaling, etc. Whatever we eat or breathe in, we have to stomach it, and crap it out. Same goes for people's bullshit. We can hear it, be bothered by it, read it, see it and we have to find ways to let it out. We have to let it go and then protect ourselves from the energy. We can't avoid it constantly, so look at this as something to release daily. During this cleanse, besides my physical body crapping out some toxicity. I mentally and emotionally get to release too. I get the privilege to let go of people's insults, their traumas, their triggers, their lies, their manipulations, their addictions, and so much more. We are all going through some shit but that doesn't mean we should hold onto it. We can care but we don't have to take on what they are going through. We can be supportive and be a safe space for them without letting it get into our own space. Just be easy on yourself, walk away if you have to. Don't blame yourself. The key cleansing factors when it comes to dealing with other people are compassion and patience. Be the example, be the change. Show others that positive change can lead to greatness just by you being a great person to be around. If people make fun of you for it, well hey they make fun of you for being positive and great instead of negative things. That right there is a bonus. So keep cleansing and crapping everyone.