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A Word a Day

Happy 2019 lovely folks, welcome to the new year. May it bring you all progress, abundance, good health, love, and joy. So here is something I'd like to put you all onto that I have done for many years now. I started something called a "joy jar" where every night before bed I would write down one good thing that happened to me that day. Then on New Year's Eve before midnight I would read out what happened all year round and remember those amazing times. We always tend to forget the great things that happened to us and reflect on the negative. We get into the whole "fuck this past year, this next year is going to be better" mentality and we totally show lack of gratitude to our positive memories. It is a unique and special feeling when you look back and read it all. For 2018 I can say that May was my best month and the best dates I can say I had at least 13 extraordinary days to remember.

This year though I am doing something different! Bare with me though since I missed two days this post will be a little longer than usual.

I am deciding to choose a word per day and let it be the mantra for my day and at night reflect on how that word inspired my day. So let's go back and talk about January 1st and 2nd before I get into today.

January 1st, Enlightenment.

So I have a card deck dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Hindu god that removes obstacles and brings wealth and good luck into your life. Every first of the month I will pull my cards to see what lies ahead for the month. My first card I pulled was labeled "enlightenment" so naturally I allowed that to be my mantra for the day. My New Year's Day was interesting because I have all these ambitious plans for it but as they say " you plan and the universe laughs" kinda happened. I wanted the day before heading into midnight to be relaxing and very much spiritual for me. However it turned into a huge house party and tons of fun. Then on the first it was supposed to be gym, writing, hiking, turned into sleeping in, taking a two hour bath, napping, cleaning my space, and dealing with my shit. When I say dealing with me shit I mean it in the sense I was being a total miserable asshole. Why? Why, would I want to bring that energy into the year? After reflecting about it all day during my bath and such, I came to realize I needed to stop worrying about the grand picture. I needed to stop worrying, period. It led into arguing with my partner and leading back to old habits. While in my bath that's when the word "enlightenment" really came to my attention. I realized at first my plans involved things that would make me happy but I wanted to incorporate some other people into my plans. They had their own agenda and ways of wanting to go about the day. So when that ruined my plan, I felt miserable. This story could go down the path of surrender and work to compromise with other people. It isn't though, what was so enlightening was the realization what needs to be different this year is I need to do things for myself, when I want to, and I need to make this year my year! Don't we all say that? This "year is my year" but along the way we gravitate back into doing things other people want to do and spending time with people who mess with our days agenda? We need to value and price our time the same way we look at our finances. We need to schedule what we want outside of our work schedule, house chores, and other "adulting" things we must deal with. When it comes to the fun stuff though and self love planning, make sure it is all about you! Also don't feel bad about it!

January 2nd, Companionship.

I will keep this simple, I was off my phone all day long and had a girl's day with my friend/roommate. Her and I haven't had a day off together from work since October so we decided to go do some shopping, grab lunch, and have a witchy day. We had a rough few months getting adjusted to our living situation and dealing with other issues. So it was nice to just have a day with no technology and spend quality time together. I loved everything that I bought myself and I am happy, simply put.

TODAY! January 3rd, Release.

Overall I feel the release mostly has come up for me through emotions. I woke up crabby and I released that to the positive. I even opted to wear white to cleanse my energy, purify it. Also black to soak up any negativity. I also had to release the fear that I wasn't worth making more money this year. Yes, that little bastard thought did pop up into my head today and I needed to release that thought with my own will power. I also used some essential oils to help. I am also currently still working on releasing more weight, that goal will continue for a little bit more time as I continue to work on my health goals. Release also came up during a conversation with a friend of mine who is dealing with the recent release of a relationship. When someone you love leaves you that is always a very hard thing to accept. So I am here for her as she is releasing emotion and tears. It is only the late afternoon so we shall see, my dear followers, what will happen towards the evening.

I might not blog about every single word experience. I might vlog about it on my social networks sometimes or just leave a Facebook status about it. It will depend on the energy. I would love to hear from you all, what are some little habits like this do you love doing to get you on the right track? Share with me in my comments.