Welcome, sister goddess!

I am the goddess, Kirsten. I am a powerful advocate for health and wellness, with knowledge and experience going back to 2006.

As a nutrition coach, herbalist, massage therapist, and personal trainer, I have made it my life’s mission to assist those dealing with mental illness and lifestyle changes. It is not easy, we’ve all been there, when the doctor comes in and tells you not so good news. You feel your life has fallen apart, and then wonder what are you going to eat now? Is there something wrong with me? Have I failed? It gets very real and our mental health is the first to falter.

Rooted in Natural Healing

Having grown up with a father who suffered from sickness for over 20 years to having to deal with my own depression, weight control, and healing from generational curses, traumas, and triggers I have supported clients for over 13 years. I have seen some really great stories and some really sad stories. I have witnessed it all and you are not alone.

I have studied in New York City, online courses and abroad in Bangkok,Thailand. My background is in health sciences, nutrition, physical exercise science, and holistic herbal medicine. That’s all well and dandy BUT I would rather you focus on knowing me as someone who is in this day to day grind with you of feeling better, of pursuing a more balanced life. This is something I want for YOU!

I focus highly on membership workshops, individual coaching, classes, and consulting.

I love working with people who are ready to expand their awareness and make some serious changes. Powerful individuals who know they are capable of healing and want to learn different techniques. I want you to know I am coming from a place of holistic, natural wellness. At my core I am a nature lover and I am that hippie in the woods hugging tress. I am very determined, straight forward, and to the point about what you need to do to get your mind right.


Who said eating healthy can't be delicious? Thanks so much to Kirsten, of EarthGoddessWellness for being such a wonderful friend and health coach. Your original recipes are easy to follow and taste amazing! Whenever I have questions, you answer them and can back up your opinions with facts and studies. Your simultaneously holistic and scientific approach to wellness is fantastic, and works so well for me, personally. Your guidance has led me on the road to a longer, healthier life. 30+ lbs down in 3 months and more to go. But more importantly, now I know that my insides are being treated with the care and respect my body deserves. Be well, everybody. 🙂
New York City